About Us

Physiotherapy is a ‘whole person approach’ to the health and well-being of a patient, which includes the patient’s general lifestyle.

Physiotherapists help people affected by illness, injury or disability through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. In the process, they go through emotional stress while handling traumatic illnesses or injuries. Many times they also have to offer literal support to their patients as they work towards supporting themselves. Apart from these issues, they also have to be on the continuing education path in order to upgrade themselves with the advances in their field.

Our team, at CoolPhysio, comprising of a highly skilled physiotherapist and a group of technical wizards, have therefore come up with this handyman that leads the physiotherapists into a digitally enabled world of physiotherapy practice.

CoolPhysio is a highly modernised online portal that helps you breeze through your physiotherapy practice. Whether it’s managing your patient records, appointments, referrals, prescribing exercises, generating colour coded body charts, generating invoices and other related documents, or keeping a tab of your expenditure, it’s all just a click away. At affordable subscription prices you can avail all these and more features of CoolPhysio that will make your practice a technically enhanced experience. Physiotherapists can enhance and share their knowledge on the advances and current trends in physiotherapy by reading/writing blogs. The soon to be launched sections on News, Discussion Forums and Webinars will further contribute to their continuing education.

CoolPhysio also serves as a community platform for students, professors and doctors related to the field of physiotherapy. It serves to enrich student physiotherapists by providing them useful material on physiotherapy in the form of blogs, news and discussion forums. It enables the professors to reach out to a wide physiotherapist audience and make their voice heard by publishing their own articles and arranging webinars on important topics.

And this is just the beginning! We plan to extend our services to job and recruitment in physiotherapy, online sale of physiotherapy instruments and accessories, creation of utility applications for a variety of gadgets and much more soon.

So get on the CoolPhysio wagon and allow us to help you help yourself!