Frequently Asked Questions about the

Q. What is CoolPhysio?

Ans. CoolPhysio is a community platform for students, professors and doctors related to the field of physiotherapy. It serves to enrich student physiotherapists by providing them useful material on physiotherapy in the form of blogs, news and discussion forums. It enables the professors to reach out to a wide physiotherapist audience and make their voice heard by publishing their own articles and arranging webinars on important topics. For the practising physiotherapists, CoolPhysio is their handyman that brings to them a digitally enabled world of physiotherapy practice.

Q. Do I need to register myself on CoolPhysio to access its features?

Ans. We would definitely recommend you to register yourself on CoolPhysio in order to access all its features. You can register yourself as a Student, a Professor or a Physiotherapist. However if you wish to just browse through the news, blogs and other articles, you can do that too.

Q. What features of CoolPhysio are available to registered students/professors?

Ans. If you have registered as a student or a professor, you can read/write blogs, read/submit news, take part in discussion forums and webinars and create/participate in events.

However, to access the clinic and patient management software, you have to be registered as a physiotherapist. So if you do consulting apart from being a student/professor, and would like to use CoolPhysio's online clinic and patient management software, then you should register yourself as a physiotherapist.

Q. How do I get listed on CoolPhysio's Doctor's Listing?

Ans. After you register yourself as a physiotherapist, verify your account via the verification email and login using your email id and password. Then fill in your profile and clinic details. After you do this, your name will get listed in the doctor's listing.

Q. As a practising physiotherapist, what advantages does CoolPhysio offer to me?

Ans. CoolPhysio is a highly modernised online portal that helps you breeze through your physiotherapy practice.

  • Manage patient records
  • Manage appointments
  • Manage Referrals
  • Prescribe exercises with images, videos and instructions
  • Generate colour coded body charts
  • Generate invoices and other documents
  • Keep a tab on your expenses
  • Standardize evaluation procedures

At affordable subscription prices you can avail all these and more features of CoolPhysio that will make your practice a technically enhanced experience.

Q. Can I know and experience all the features of CoolPhysio without buying a plan?

Ans. Yes, of course. After you have registered yourself as a Physiotherapist on CoolPhysio, you can buy the TRIAL Plan. This is a free subscription for one month, where you can use all the features of CoolPhysio and completely understand what it’s all about. After the expiry of the one month period, you can buy the plan that suits your needs

Q. Can I pay the subscription fees in cash?

Ans. We do not accept any payment in cash. You can pay through Bank Transfer, by cheque or by card. Once your payment is received, your chosen plan will be activated.

Q. Once I buy a plan, can I upgrade to a higher version of a plan?

Ans. Yes, you can. Five days prior to the expiry of your current plan, you will receive an alert to renew/upgrade your plan. You can renew or upgrade your plan by clicking on the link provided. But it will be effective only after the expiry of your current plan.

Q. What happens to my data and records if I forget to renew my plan?

Ans. For uninterrupted access to the features of CoolPhysio, we suggest that you renew your plan as soon as you are alerted to do so. If you forget to renew it before its expiry, you can renew it later too. Your data and records will be safe with us for a period of one month from the date of expiry of your current plan.