Challenges To Physiotherapy As A Profession

Physiotherapists nowadays are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities, thus need new ideas and approaches. Physiotherapists make positive changes to health and lifestyle of consumer patients. Right from infants to elderly, physiotherapy helps everyone maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle. Even though physiotherapists have been around since 60-70 years, the awareness, respect, confidence towards the profession in society is lacking.

Physiotherapy is a diverse profession having multiple approaches, multiple methods, and multiple treatments. Other health professions have a clearer identity, purpose like – ‘care’ in nursing, ‘bones’ in orthopaedic, ‘teeth’ in dentists. Physiotherapy encompasses every phase of life, different body functions; it over-arches a lot of sectors. Now, when India is developing awareness for physiotherapy, are the therapists prepared to deliver?

Development of physiotherapy profession is possible only with patient-centric, ethical, evidence based practice approach. The profession needs to evolve, build credibility and improve. The current scenario demands active participation from physiotherapists. Let us not bicker about small things and try to achieve a status for our profession. Let us have a scientific approach to our work, keep data systematically, conduct workshops and continuous rehabilitation education programs in colleges. This is a time of new growth, new opportunities, and new horizons. Let us all develop ourselves, to develop our profession.

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