Holiday season brings with it a lot of travelling which we’re excited about when making vacation plans, however, it is extraordinarily hard on the spine.

Heavy luggage, cramped transportation with uncomfortable seats and unfamiliar beds put a toll on our backs. However, injuring the back or neck can be definitely avoided by taking some simple measures.

Luggage is the most common item causing sprains and strains.

  • Pack light.
  • Use luggage with wheels
  • When lifting bags and luggage bend from the knees rather than from the waist.
  • Distribute weight evenly in bags, so none is too heavy.
  • When lifting bags, distribute weight evenly on each side of the body.
  • Never lift or put down bags with a jerk.

Sitting for long hours in planes, busses, cars, etc leads to stiff back and back pains. Also, the jerks sustained on the back and neck cause pains and stiffness.

Some simple tricks and tips to support back and neck in journeys –

  • Use a lumbar support pillow to support the low back. If not available just roll up a blanket or towel and place in low back.
  • Use neck pillow to rest the neck.
  • Take breaks from sitting continuously, move around, walk around.
  • Frequently do ankle and foot movements to avoid cramps in legs.
  • Do simple neck movements and shoulder movements to avoid cramping and stiffness.


Just these simple tricks and precautions will go a long way to have a relaxed, injury-free travel.

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