ERGONOMICS- Not just for Computer/ Desk-Job workers

Nowadays, Ergonomics is being talked about a lot in corporates, health circles, designers, and newspapers. What exactly is it?, How it works?, Who can benefit from Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is in simple terms matching the job to the worker, the product to the user, the machine to the operator. It helps relate the quality of movement and posture to the optimisation of human well-being. 

So is this science only for the computer workstation design or office desk-job workers? Of course not!!! Ergonomics is beneficial to everyone in every age-group, every type of worker. Be it students, teachers, doctors, housewives, manual labour, old people, shop-keepers, everyone can benefit from the principles of ergonomics at their work. 

What ergonomics is based on is simple-

  • while doing any work maintain a good posture, which requires minimum effort to maintain. 
  • relax not just the body and muscles, but also the mind. 
  • activities should be performed with the joints in the mid-range of their range of movement.

With these basics in mind, everyone can lead a healthy, pain-free life. Everyone can work optimally and without any stress or damage to our physical body.



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